360 Dgree Services

What Is a 360-Degree View?

A 360-degree view of the customer is a single, end-to-end picture of the customer’s journey and experience with a company, and how they felt at steps along the journey.
It is a strategic approach enabling businesses to offer the best customer experience across all channels, by allowing for a unified view of all customer touchpoints with all departments involved in customer relationships.

The Benefits of Having a 360-Degree View.

Delivering the Right Service at the Right Time: If the data is converted into actionable insights, contact centres can use it to deliver the right service at the right time, whatever the channel.
An example of this could be when a customer tweets and then calls a support line. With 360-view of the customer, they wouldn’t be expected to repeat the same information twice, or every time they speak to a different person.

Personalising the Customer Experience: A 360-degree view of the customer can also be used to further personalise the service delivered to customers.

Predicting Customer Behaviour: Having a 360-degree view of the customer can help the business form a closer one-to-one relationship with the customer, which in turn helps streamline the interaction.

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